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A Healthy Glow This Summer

June 1, 2018

Golden, bronzed skin is often associated
with the epitome of health and
That ‘sunkissed’ look is
often most desired during the warmer
months or when contemplating a tropical
vacation where you most likely
will be showing a little extra skin; and
let’s face it, glowing white skin is not
that appealing. Besides blinding those
around you when the sun reflects off
our pasty pale bodies, your dimples
tend to look more pronounced on paler
skin than tan skin, and those aren’t
the cute dimples either.








Contrary to what you may believe,
getting a golden ‘healthy’ tan cannot
be achieved safely from the natural
sun or tanning beds
. Prolonged sun
exposure increases your chances of
melanoma, the most deadly form of
skin cancer, and since there are more
skin cancers diagnosed than any other
form of cancer, skin cancer is the
number one cause of cancer.


UVA/UVB photon energy from the sun increases
aging of the skin to include:

lines, wrinkles, age spots, freckles and
thick, leathery skin. Besides the obvious
‘aging’ signs, the sun is largely
responsible for the inflammation associated
with skin redness issues, capillary
distention, flares of rosacea, and
other inflammatory damage.

Direct DNA damage can be linked
from UVB light.
The radiation from
UVB causes the molecules of DNA
in skin cells to form covalent bonds
(chemical bonds of electrons and atoms)
between cytosine bases (the
main base of DNA) producing mutations
within the cellular structures of
the original DNA molecule. The mutations
caused by the direct DNA damage
carry a mutation that is commonly
seen in skin cancers.

The American Academy of Dermatology
has reported the incidence of melanoma
has more than tripled in the last
few decades
and is more common than
any non-cancer among women between
the ages of 25 to 29. According
to the American Cancer Society, More
than 2 million cases of non-melanoma
skin cancer are found in this country
each year. Melanoma, the most serious
type of skin cancer, will account
for about 68,130 cases of skin cancer
in 2010. Just knowing these facts
should be enough to cause one to use
caution when spending time outdoors
under the sun, or to completely avoid
‘tanning’ their skin in general.

A healthy alternative to ‘sun tanning’
is the spray tan.
Spray tanning uses
DHA, dihydroxyacetone, a simple
carbohydrate naturally derived from
plant sources such as sugar beets
and sugar cane by the fermentation of
glycerin to produce a darkening of the
melanin in the skin therefore, giving
you a ‘tan’. At TheLashChick®, we offer
an all-natural spray tan solution with
organic proprietary ingredients such
as grapeseed extract, Vit E, and aloe.
We airbrush, by hand, for a flawless,
streak-free golden tan. In just 10 minutes,
you will be instantly darker and
ready for showing a little skin. Lasting
7-10 days.



Even though spray tanning darkens
your skin, by no means is it a free ride
to hanging out in the sun without a
good SPF.
A spray tan will not protect
you from UVA/UVB rays. TheLashChick®
offers several physical sunscreens with
18.99% Zinc Oxide (30% coverage)
that goes on smoothly and instantly
protects you from the damaging rays
of the sun. We offer this in 3 different
tinted versions, in addition to our clear,
to suit all skin types.



TheLashChick is an advocate for safe sun practice

and we look forward to
helping you achieve a healthy glow
this summer. We are more than happy
to assist you in your journey to beautiful
skin by establishing a skin care
program for you. Learn MORE

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